The labor shortage in the construction industry

The impact of the labor shortage in the construction industry

Today American construction companies are in need of labor after such a drawn-out shortage. The industry itself is quite prosperous with all its new projects like homes, business buildings, institutions, public work projects. The need for skilled labor, on the other hand, to complete said projects has only increased more with every passing year.

The cause: During the great recession the construction industry alone lost approximately two million workers. Many of those who have not returned to work for construction companies are having difficulties attracting new workers.

The problems: Many of the current workforce is nearing the age of retirement while the new young generations are lacking in interest at the idea of construction work. This added with the push for college and white-collar jobs by today’s society over workforce jobs.

Now to fill the need of workers for their projects, employers are having to hire unskilled/lesser skilled laborers. This causes increased risks of accidents; which can cost the firm thousands even if the accident isn’t life-threatening. Other companies are beginning to offer overtime to keep their workers coming back. The problem with this though is that it is difficult for companies to continuously pay overtime so there usually has to be a limit to how much they can offer.

Due to the new internet age of social connections, the old methods of finding and hiring workers is slowly becoming obsolete. Companies must adapt and find new ways to attract the young workers they are in need of for their projects if they are to survive.

To adapt to today’s world, a wise way to go is to incorporate smart tech into the workplace. Though the construction industry has been slow to adopt the new technology advancements, they have already proven useful and are increasingly efficient. This helps with the labor shortage that the industry faces since it picks up the slack of the missing workers.

The new technologies used on job sites have helped speed up projects, reduce costs, minimizing waste and materials with high accuracy.

Without the workers around to supply the projects, smart technology and robots will eventually be taking many of the unfilled jobs. These robots like drones and 3D printers could create more time, energy, and cost-efficient environment on the job sites.

However, this tech innovation is not a normal project site innovation. Not every company can afford this technology at first. What they can afford are the young workers that are crucial to a high functioning construction project.

What you can do to help this shortage:

Encourage hard-working individuals to explore opportunities in the construction skilled trade arena as well as advocate technical school training programs. If you know anyone interested they can contact Talent Corporation for exciting local, statewide, national & global employment opportunities.

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